Q-net Pro

Queue Management System

The Q-net Pro system is the best solution for organizing a complex customer turnover for top requirements.

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Central server solution

All settings has to be arranged from the central location, providing a very precise and logical configuration. Statistical data is stored in the centre location avoiding duplication.

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Customizable web based software modules

All modules are web based, can be used on smart phone, tablets, thin clients etc.. easy to integrate with 3rd party software.

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Voice recording

It is a professional, digital audio-recording solution (hardware and software) integrated into Q-net Pro queue management system. Conversation under the transaction is recorded and stored, these records can be listened in order to improve sales efficiency, to handle claims, to increase quality control.

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Customer feedback

At the end of the transaction Q-net device displays towards the clients freely configurable questions regarding the administration process. Replies reflects up-to-date and precise opinion for the management.

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Q-net Pro

Queue Management System

The Q-net Pro queue management system supports both central server and distributed master-slave server architectures. All of its elements are web-based, therefore it can be used with PC, tablet, smart phone, etc. Q-net offers plenty of optional software modules: statistics and monitoring, appointment, alert, visualization, customer feedback, voice recording, etc.

We support several databases and operating systems, the system can be upgraded in a very easy way, it is easy to integrate with 3rd party software and we are happy to do that. The system is running on more than 300 end user’s servers, it is reliable, well chargeable.


Visualization module for the management to gain immediate information about the customer-flow situation in the branch, for the customers to see their position in the virtual queue

Digital Signage

Digital signage (media display) software that shows the usual waiting area display / calling information, video files, RSS feed, another website, pictures, centrally organized, by creating playlists


The customer can identify himself by entering his phone number, using bank and other cards, RFID cards, etc, for example to get higher priority based on his VIP level. The customer information can be also seen on teller's calling application and in ticket report.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback module to be used with voice recording module: to be able to evaluate the reason of a bad rate


Full reporting and monitoring module, customizable, extended with scheduled report generation to be sent by e-mail.


Customizable rules can be created to modify operation logic (e.g. change calling order). This way unique customer servicing requirements can be covered.


Modern User Interfaces

All modules are web based, can be used on smart phone, tablets and thin clients.

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Maximize productivity

Use of Q-net queue management solution reflects in time, effort and skills of the workforce by measuring labour productivity and other KPI indicators, also by organizing a more logical client flow.

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Minimizes cost of service
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What Clients Say

With the help of the dynamic and well qualified team, and their modern software, an other milestone became reachable for the Díjbeszedő Holding Zrt.

Ágnes Kovács-Pál
Project Manager at Díjbeszedő Holding Zrt

We have very good experience since we are using Q-net Pro systems, we have better understanding about out clients.


I use this sytem in my phisician practice for 2 years. Since this time my patiens have shorting and more calm waiting period.

Dr. Tari Péter

Díjbeszedő Holding Zrt.
Bank Audi
Chase Bank
Halyk Bank
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